Scepter MFC 20L / 5Gal TAN with Aluminum Flange

Scepter MFC 20L / 5Gal TAN with Aluminum Flange

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SCEPTER 20 Ltr / 5 Gal MILITARY FUEL CAN **UPGRADED** with Aluminum Cap Flange and Viton Gasket
It is in absolutely perfect condition and is equipped with all new "Bullet Proof" Aluminum Flange and specially made Viton Gasket, which is suitable for Gasoline or diesel fuels.   
It is TAN / AM SAND in color with a choice of AmSand/Tan, Yellow or Red cap-retention strap.  The can is the exact same specification as the current military fuel can, but DOES NOT have any military (DOD) markings.
This flange makes the Scepter MFC what it always should have been.  An extremely durable, dependable and worry free way to transport fuel under harsh and demanding circumstances.  The flange is milled from Mil spec certified bar stock.  This flange will not fail you, we guarantee it.  Besides the fact that it will never fail, another important change is the expanded gasket surface area to further overlap and apply pressure to the mating surface outside the vent hole.  It can be used with any existing gasket, but included with this can is the Viton Gasket we have manufactured specifically for best sealing performance possible in regards to overlapping the vent hole.  The aluminum flange is an aftermarket part, manufactured by JAGMTE.
Features of the Scepter Military Fuel Can 
*Burns in a fire, but will not explode 
*Three integral handles; carry two cans in each hand
*Accepts pour spouts 
*Air-vent tube in neck keeps pouring smooth
*Air chamber at the top; the container will float

Excerpt from a reviewer at an expedition company:
...In the mid 80s, Scepter used its expertise of injection molded plastic technology to design a next generation, three-handled polyethylene Military Fuel Can (MFC). While this military fuel can was similar in design to the classic metal "jerry" can widely used by Western military forces, it proved itself to be a vast improvement over its metal predecessors. The can was quickly adopted by the Canadian military, changing their fuel can requirements from metal to plastic. 
By the 90s, the Scepter MFC was adopted as the new standard of use by all branches of the U.S. Military. With the transition to the Scepter MFCs, the U.S. Military is now able to transport jerry cans of fuel by air, an act that was considered too dangerous with the classic metal jerry cans. Simply put, Scepter Military Fuel Cans are widely regarded as the best quality, safest jerry can on the market today. Since their creation, the Scepter MFCs have quickly become the fuel container of choice for armed forces around the world, including NATO...* (*Pangaea Expeditions product review)
Simply put, the Canadian, U.S., NATO and Other coalition armed forces ultimately rejected the metal can in favor of the Scepter MFC which is till in service to this day. 

Packaging is important:  Each can is placed in a foam bag and placed in a fitted virgin 225lb test box, and surrounded in packing peanuts.  This assures that they arrive to you in the same condition they leave here, which is PERFECT.  We ship them via UPS Ground. If you would like your can to arrive to you in perfect condition, this is the only way to insure that!   
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