Dielecrtic Silicone Grease (Synthetic, Medium weight) Kit –67ml

Dielecrtic Silicone Grease (Synthetic, Medium weight) Kit –67ml

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Dielecrtic Silicone Grease (Synthetic, Medium weight) Kit- 67ml

FDA approved for incidental contact with food

This kit provides for the easiest and most precise application of Dielectric Grease in any location but particularly in hard to reach or small application areas, with virtually no mess or waste.  This kit includes TWO Luer Lock Syringes with caps.  One of the syringes is a 12ml pre-loaded with a total of 7ml of Grease and the second is a 60ml syringe pre-loaded with 60ml of grease.  The 60ml syringe is intended to be used to reload the smaller syringe.  The 12ml syringe is smaller and much more comfortable to work with when filled to 7ml.  The kit also includes 3 blunt tip stainless steel needles in the sizes 14 gauge, 16 gauge and 18 gauge, as well as 3 polymer needles in the same sizes to be used  in areas where  you would not want the conductive stainless steel needles coming into contact with a live terminal.  There is also an adapter that allows you to lock the syringes together to easily transfer the grease to the smaller one.

The Luer Lock Syringes, needles and adapters mechanically lock together with a twist so they will not separate under pressure like the cheaper syringes tend to do.

This is a very high performing grease containing Syncolon (PTFE), manufactured in the USA by Synco Chemical Corp.  Full specs available upon request.

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